Navigating large sets of data can retrieving the proper results can be a tedious task. Conventional web applications require that the user clicks through a set of pages to locate relevant data.

Consider using this solution in usecases such as the following:

  • Searching for a user name
  • Searching for an e-mail address
  • Searching for a product
  • Searching for a city name

The AutoComplete in Ajax is a web based component which allows you to do a google like search. Ajax autocomplete has become really popular after major search engines like google, yahoo have integrated it and now each user of a web application demands such kind of a functionality.

Below is the code which you will need to use for using autocomplete in your java,JSF based web application.

<rich:suggestionbox width="200"


var="Obj" for="SearchString">


<h:outputText value="#{}" />

<rich:separator height="1px" />

<h:outputText value="#{Obj.getDescription()}" />



Auto-completion will enhance the user experience and help users get directly to the target data. There is more load on the web component that performs the searches as a result of multiple micro-search requests for each interaction.

For more details on this solution see the Auto-Completion with AJAX JQUERY

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