Introduction to Spring Framework

The Spring Framework contains six modules. The Core package is the most fundamental part of the framework and provides the IoC and Dependency Injection features. The basic concept here is the BeanFactory, ...

Lazy loading and Eager Loading

Lets try to find out what’s the difference between Lazy and Eager Loading in Hibernate. Lazy loading : Lazy loading  means that it does not actually load all the children when loading the parent. ...
XML Tutorial

XML Tutorial

What is XML? XML stands for EXtensible Markup Language , Designed to transport and store data. Xml is the meta language used to define the other languages. XML Benefits: • XmL is much simpler and more ...
XML Tutorial

What is Document Type Definition?

DTD (Document Type Definition) defines the grammer and tag set for a specific XML formatting.If a document specifies a DTD and follows that DTD’s rules, it is said to be a valid XmL document.It defines ...
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