Connect to oracle database using Java standalone class

This tutorial provides step by step details and ready to use source code to connect to the Oracle database.


How to back up all configuration data from a Datapower applaince

The entire configuration of Datapower can be backed up using easy to follow steps.


Date Format Tutorial: Date Formatting using SimpleDateFormat:

This tutorial explains the use of Date formatter to format date and times in java. It uses SimpleDateFormat API.


How to print current date and time using Java

This tutorial explains the use of java date and time API. Here, we will demonstrate a java class which prints todays date and time.


How to send an email using Java Class

This tutorial explains about how to use Java to send an email to any mail account. We have included a source code example for this.


What is the difference b/w Oracle Business Rules and IBM ILOG JRules - wodm?

What is the difference b/w Oracle Business Rules and ILOG JRULES? Lets explore some of them here.


Zip file in java with source code

Lets explore how can you add a file to a zip file or create a zip file for a given file.


Java tutorial to encode and decode a string using org.apache.commons.codec.binary.Base64 API

This tutorial provides a java class which can be used to convert a String to base64 encoded string and than decode it back to the original String.


Using JDBC execute different insert queries in one transaction

Lets see how to execute two insert queries in one JDBC transaction


Convert csv or text file to xml using FFD file

An FFD file is much like an XML Schema, or DTD file. It provides a template, or pattern description, for the contents of individual messages. An FFD file consists of four main building block components: Group, Field, Syntax and Literal.

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