IBM FileNet P8 Platform: IBM FileNet P8 Platform is a unified enterprise content management and business process management platform that removes the need to support separate solutions for content, process, and compliance applications. This tight integration increases operational efficiency by reducing the number of products and vendors across the enterprise, while providing a single, robust interface for building and deploying content and process applications.

IBM FileNet P8 Platform is a next-generation, unified enterprise foundation for the integrated IBM FileNet P8 products. It combines the enterprise content management, comprehensive business process management, and extensive compliance capabilities to address a wide range of content-related business requirements. IBM FileNet P8 Platform is the key element in creating an agile, adaptable enterprise content management environment that is necessary to support a dynamic organization that must respond quickly to change.

IBM FileNet P8 Platform is the unified enterprise foundation for the integrated IBM FileNet P8 products. It provides the core components that the add-on IBM FileNet P8 products seamlessly interoperate, sharing a common information infrastructure and associated security model, taxonomy, and set of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). IBM FileNet P8 applications leverage the Java. IBM FileNet P8 Platform overview 7 Enterprise Edition application model to build multi-tier applications that deliver the scalability, accessibility, and administration that enterprise applications require.

The core of IBM FileNet P8 Platform is provided by the following three products:

 IBM FileNet Content Manager
 IBM FileNet Business Process Manager
 IBM FileNet Records Manager

The main components that built the core products are the following engines:

 Content Engine
 Process Engine
 Application Engine

Each engine consists of a collection of services and applications that perform well-defined sets of services and tasks.

Core IBM FileNet P8 products:

IBM FileNet Content Manager

IBM FileNet Content Manager is the core enterprise content management product for the IBM FileNet P8 Platform. It serves as the main content management, security management, and storage management engine for the family of IBM FileNet P8 products

IBM FileNet Business Process Manager

IBM FileNet Business Process Manager uses the native process engine within IBM FileNet P8 to manage workflow among people and systems for content and human-centric processes and to integrate directly with external applications.

IBM FileNet Records Manager

IBM FileNet Records Manager streamlines records-based activities to enforce compliance either with or without user participation

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