Advantage FileNet BPM over Lombardi TeamWorks:

Step Processor is default UI for the Workflow user, this needs to be created with the process coach in Lombardi (configuration Intensive)

FileNet CM is a the document / content repository for storing documents and making it available for FileNet BPM where as in Lombardi customer needs to rely on the 3rd party DMS (document management system) like sharepoint

e-forms are not there in Lombardi, they again have the concept of process coach to configure forms like web UI with coach designer, Lombardi can also be configured with MS Infopath forms (configuration Intensive)

Good built in support for ILOG JRules ( Business rules management system) and Websphere products like Process server and Messge Broker is provided.

Advantage Lombardi TeamWorks over FileNet BPM:

Process Discovery (web based modeling tool called Blueprint) interfaces helps customers decide which process to automate with BPM and also helps in creating as-is process for the organization whereas FileNet BPM needs to rely on process modeling tools like MS visio

Enhanced collaboration features like work embedded in email whereas requires customization in FileNet BPM

Organizational Chat can be mapped with the workflow whereas requies customization in FileNet BPM

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