ILOG was acquired by IBM and later rebranded as WODM. It is the market leading BRMS tool. Some of the other major BRMS software vendors are Oracle, Fair Issac ( FICO), Visual Rules, Drools.

Most of the BRMS rule engines are built upon Java, and often have their own version of Rete implementation for rule execution.

Let's explore some key differences between ILOG and Oracle rule engine:

ILOG Rule Studio, developers tool for building rules, is built upon eclipse which is widely used by the Java community. Oracle, however, has its own version of application development called JDeveloper, which varies widely as compared to Rule-Studio.

From a business users perspective, ILOG's rule team server is widely accepted as the favorite. Oracle has some nice features and seamless MS-Office support. This provides business users an easier way to edi/create rules, as they are more familiar with word and excel. However, With the relase of WebSphere ILOG Rule Solutions for Office, ILOG supports ms-office tool integration.

Oracle’s Business Rules offering in the SOA/BPM platform is based on Jess, a Rete-based inferencing business rules engine. ILOG, on the other hand, has its own implemenation of Rete knwon as Reteplus. Alongside, ILOG also provide support for Sequential and fastpath algorithms. I have discussed more about these algorithms here

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