ILOG JRules is a Business Rule Management System (BRMS) that allows both business and IT users to manage the rules that drive business.

ILog Jrules is a BRMS Software package which is now acquired by IBM. It is a widely used tool in BRM Space and has many attractive features which are suitable to the need of enterprise applications. The latest version of ILOG JRules is 7.0. ILOG JRules has following components:

1).Rule Studio

2).Rule Team Server

3).Rule Execution Server

4).Rule Scenario Manager

Above are the major components or products which comes with the ILOG JRules product. JRules is basically a Java based system. ILOG Also has a version for .net which also supports the same features like ILOG JRules support.As companies rely more and more on information technology (IT) to manage their business, IT departments need to develop more complex applications and simultaneously accommodate an increasing rate of change in the applications they support.
Often, the implementation of the company's business policy within these applications becomes too complex, voluminous, and fast changing for a traditional software architecture. When this happens, an enterprise Business Rule Management System (BRMS) provides solutions to make this management more efficient, both for developers and for the business users of the applications.
With a BRMS, developers and architects can extract the business logic from the traditional code of an application. When business policies are hard-coded into an enterprise application, the process of updating the system requires specialist programming staff, puts the stability of the system at risk, and can take a long time. By externalizing the business logic from a business application with business rules, IT users can develop and run the business logic independently of the application.

Below are some of the ILOG JRules interview questions:

1). What is BRMS ?

2). How ILOG JRules suppport the concept of BRMS?

3). What is an object model?

4).What is a Rule Team server?

5). Which platform is used by business users to edit the rules?

6).Which platform is used by technical users to write/create the rules?

7). What is Vocabulary?

8). What is a rule execution server?

9). What is the purpose of a Decision Table and BAL?

10). What are technical rules?

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