Java Mail Tutorial : Sending email from Java Classes

Java Mail Tutorial . Here is working sample of javamail example to send a mail. This uses java mail to send emails from java classes.


C programming language inventor Dennis Ritchie dies at 70

Just one week after the tech industry was hit with the news of Steve Jobs death, computer scientist Dennis Ritchie has also passed. The unfortunate news was announced by friend and colleague Rob Pike, who notes that Ritchie died at his home after a "long illness." The 70-year-old Harvard graduate an


Interview Questions for Hibernate for Experienced and Freshers

Hibernate Interview Questions with questions and answers/comments by Hibernate Community of our website


Java FAQs

Getting started with Java Technology and Finding out what are the frequently asked questions about java programming language


Remote Debugging: How it works & Basic concept

Remote debugging feature is provided by Java specification itself. Java provides this feature using listener binding mechanism


A Hello World Program in Singleton Design Pattern in Java

This Program is a basic program which demonstrates the purpose of Singleton pattern in Java.


Best PHP Captcha which is FREE and Easy to Use | Open Source PHP Captcha | Free Online Captcha as a

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Disbale security and Reset WAS Admin user, password

This simple tutorial shows you how to change or reset the password of the admin console in websphere application server.


Read Property FIle in Jar File Issue

When we export a java project as a jar file, the property file reading mechanism fails since the properyloader does not work properly in a jar file. Lets explore why ?


Lazy Initialization: how it affects in java programming

lazy initialization is the tactic of delaying the creation of an object, the calculation of a value, or some other expensive process until the first time it is needed

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