Get DataSource from IBM Websphere App server

This source code demonstrate that how you can retrieve a datasource from IBM Websphere application server.


Change the Default encoding to UTF-8 in Websphere application server

This tutorial shows you how to change the default encoding in Websphere application server 61. In this example, we will override the default encoding to UTF-8 Encoding.


What is the default username and password for Oracle 10g?

This page gives an example on how to access the Datasource from java client application. The datasource has been created in IBM Websphere application server


Access Data Source from Java Client Code in Websphere application server

Access Data Source from Java Client Code in Websphere application server.


Write Content to a File Using Java

This tutorial explains how to write String content to a file using java. The file will be created using the content.


Java Iterate a HashMap, Iterate Map in Java, Source Code Iterate Map in Java

Which of these variants is faster? Or there is some other faster way? [code] Map map = new IdentityHashMap(); // Filling map with data for (Map


in-memory database (IMDB - main memory database system or MMDB)

An in-memory database (IMDB; also main memory database system or MMDB) is a database management system that primarily relies on main memory for computer data storage.


What is the difference between callable statements, prepare statements , createstatements?

When you use JDBC and Java, you frequently come across the terms known as callable statements, prepare statements & createstatements. Lets try to find out what are they and when to use them.


Difference and Definition of JAR, WAR and EAR file in Java

Jar, War and Ear files are packaged compiled java files which are used based on the functionality of the application. This tutorial explains basic differences between a JAR, War and EAR file


Connect Oracle Database from Java using JDBC: Sample Code and Tutorial

Sample Code to connect t to Oracle Database from Java using JDBC. This demonstrate how you can connect to any Database from java.

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