First interview is always full of worries, doubts and excitement. Although, you have heard a lot about tips from friends, families and teachers, I am describing, in this post, things which are too obvious that most of the people ignore and don't realize their importance. 

If you are a fresher and facing an interview, You should never ignore the below interview tips:

Interview tips for freshers

1) Cleanliness always counts:

"Looks" are always the first impression in your first impression. Make sure you dress well, shoe polished, hair cut/combed neatly - before you face your first interview. This also gives you a inner confidence, which is clearly reflected to the interviewer

2) Be yourself:

Its just another day and you are yourself. Don't run away from who you are. Communicate with eye contact to the interviewer and don't fake your skills

3) Keep away the nervousness:

Don't give any sign of nervousness. There are ways to control your nervousness and a lot has been written about it. Facing first interview is always exciting and with excitment comes nervousness. However, overcoming nervousness is easy.

4) Know your CV

Be aware of each and every line you mentioned in your resume. Talking something different than what's mentioned in your resume could lead a negative impression in the interviewer's mind. Review your CV many times before finalizing it.

5) Talk to people you love

Family always makes us feel better. Having a quick conversation with the people you love always gives you the boost of confidence that you need before entering that gate and cracking the interview.

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