Configure an external Log file for Eclipse console log:

Most of the time, the output of the java application is written to the console unless you configure an external log file. This tutorial shows you how to configure an external log file, for writing the output from console to an external log file for a java application.

If the output log of your java application becomes too long, then often the eclipse console flushes some output

and you can not see the full log in the eclipse output console. To prevent this, you can configure an external

log file, so that eclipse writed all the console output to this file.

Steps to configure external output console file in eclipse:

1). Open the Run Dialogue box.

2). Got to the common tab.

3).In the standard input and output section, select the file option and specify the path of any text file.

4). click apply and run.

Now, you can view this log file in any of the notepad/text editors.

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