Eclipse 3.4 settings To Deploy the Web application Projects

Eclipse Settings to deploy the the project. Consider a sample project ICEfaces.  You can deploy any web application projects using the following steps.


1) Create Workspace under your eclipse folder

2)Start eclipse in a new workspace ( /eclipse/workspace )

3)Change the JRE name
    Click on Window menu, Preferences, Java, Installed JREs
    Edit the current JRE, and change the JRE name to “jre” and also point the JRE Home to jdk folder

4)Configure Server Runtime Environment.
    Click on Window menu, Preferences, Server, Runtime Environments.
    Click Add button to add Apache Tomcat v6.0, then Next  point the Tomcat installation directory to /eclipse-ee/apache-tomcat-6.0.18, then Finish

5)Disable Validation
     On Eclipse Preferences, click Validation, then Disable All validation

6)Create the ICEfaces project (refer ICEfaces docs which is coem with ICEfaces bundle)

7)Define a Server to deploy.
     On the Server Tab, right click and New Server
     Select Tomcat v6.0 Server
     Give ICEfacesTomcat as a Server Name
     Click Next
     Add ICEfaces project
     Click Finish
     Double click ICEfacesTomcat
     Change the Server Locations to the second one (Use Tomcat installation)
     Set the Deploy Path to /eclipse/workspace/ICEfaces/build (if build folder is not exist, create it)
     Expand the Publishing Tab, and uncheck Update Context Path
     Click Save or Ctrl+s

     In the /eclipse/workspace/Servers/ICEfacesTomcat-config, there is a server.xml, this file will be use for your   tomcat configuration when you publish the project, so don't change the server.xml in the original tomcat directory, instead, change this one.

8) Publish the project
     Right Click on ICEfacesTomcat and Publish

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