We try to summarize some of the frequently asked questions about the java programming language:


A1. What releases of Java technology are currently available? What do they contain? 
A2. What platforms is the JDK software available on? 
A3. Should I use the Production Release or Reference Implementation of the Solaris JDK software and JRE? 
A4. What about a version for my favorite platform? When can I get it? 
A5. How do I download Java technology and/or JDK software? How do I install it? 
A6. Where can I find information about HotJava? 
A7. How can I get started with programming in Java? 
A8. Do I need special server software to use applets? 
A9. Who is licensing Java technology? 
A10. Is JavaScript available? How do I find out more about it? 
A11. What are the security problems I've heard about JavaScript scripts? 
A12. I can't find the API documentation on any classes in the sun.* packages. 
A13. Why developers should not write programs that call 'sun' packages 
A14. Where can I get the Java programming language source code? 
A15. What is the Java Version/Naming convention? 

For Answers to these questions, please visit oracle website:

Oracle Website


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