Some Important Methods defined in java.lang.Thread are shown in the table:

1.    Thread currentThread( ) : Returns an object reference to the thread in which it is invoked.


2.    String  getName( )  :Retrieve the name of the thread object or instance.


3.      void  start( ) :Start the thread by calling its run method.


4.    void  run( )  :This method is the entry point to execute thread, like the main method for applications.


5.      void  sleep( ):Suspends a thread for a specified amount of time (in milliseconds).


6.    boolean  isAlive( ) : This method is used to determine the thread is running or not.


7.    int  activeCount( ) :This method returns the number of active threads in a particular thread group and all its subgroups.


8.      void  interrupt( ) :The method interrupt the threads on which it is invoked.


9.    void  yield( ) :By invoking this method the current thread pause its execution temporarily and allow other threads to execute.


10.  void  join( ) :This method and  join(long millisec) Throws InterruptedException. These two methods are invoked on a thread. These are not returned until either the thread has completed or it is timed out respectively.


A thread in Java can be created in 2 ways. Read More:


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