Recently, We implemented a SOA ESB gateway using IBM Websphere Datapower XI50 box.  Its a very effective tool and could prove wonders to your enterprise capability.

Putting down some of the recommended development practices. The intended audience is Datapower developers, infra structure specialist & someone learning the product:

  1. Do not use as a listener
  2. Use hostnames, aliases, and static hosts instead of IP addresses
  3. When selecting ports for your services, use ports less than 10,000
  4. DataPower Persistent timeout should be lower than the backend timeout
  5. Try to avoid service chaining
  6. Disable persistent connections for chained services
  7. Avoid unnecessary parsing and validation of messages
  8. When processing large messages, you may consider using Streaming
  9. Avoid creating service objects in the default domain
  10. Delete unused objects
  11. Use load balancer for log servers
  12. In some cases, you may need to use syslog instead of syslog-ng
  13. When fetching external configuration files in you policy, configure Document Cache in your XML Manager\
  14. When logging confidential information, make sure you encrypt it before logging
  15. When configuring Logging Targets, if you notice a large number of identical logging messages in the logs, you should enable supressing repeated log messages
  16. If you have multiple log targets, you may run into feedback loops. Enable Feedback detection on your log target
  17. When developing XSLT files, consider using parameters

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