Sun Certified Java Associate (SCJA)

This certification confirms that a person is proficient in object-oriented programming, Unified Modeling Language (UML) and the basics of the Java programming language. The certification involves passing one multiple-choice exam with 51 questions. The time limit is 115 minutes and the passing score is 35 out of 51 (68 percent).

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Sandeep Joshi
Mathematics, Technology and Programming are my passion. I am a part of Java Ecosystem and through this blog, I contribute to it. I am here to blog about my interests, views and experiences.
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I feel proud to be listed as a "National Memory Record Holder" in the Limca Book of Records, 2009 and have attempted for an International Memory record in the Guiness Book of Records. I can remember the value of PI upto 10,000 digits after the decimal (3.1415.....). You can contact me on ; I would like to hear from you :)