We are all about technical excellence. we have enormous job opportunities. While looking for more team mates, we keep in mind that every individual who works with us gets exposure and develops professional expertise.If you are willing to work as a writer, and if you have the capability to excel in life, do get in touch at info (at) javagenious.com

Looking For

We are looking for people whom we can call team mates and not employees, as the functioning of any form of media requires a team effort.

We constantly look for potential candidates to work with us in various fields like

  • Editor
  • Reporter
  • Writer
  • PHP/Java Programmers
  • College Training/Project Aspirants


If you think that above listed positions are not for you just because you are not qualified enough, but you nevertheless have the passion for working with JavaGenious.com and you have a good knowledge of Java/J2EE or related programming language, than you are most welcome.

We are more interested in people who have passion for working with us.


Sandeep Joshi
Mathematics, Technology and Programming are my passion. I am a part of Java Ecosystem and through this blog, I contribute to it. I am here to blog about my interests, views and experiences.
I am on Google+ and Facebook.
I feel proud to be listed as a "National Memory Record Holder" in the Limca Book of Records, 2009 and have attempted for an International Memory record in the Guiness Book of Records. I can remember the value of PI upto 10,000 digits after the decimal (3.1415.....). You can contact me on javagenious.com(At)gmal.com ; I would like to hear from you :)