XSD TO XML / XML TO XSD Conversion


To generate XML using a pre defined XSD Schema.

To Generate XSD Schema using a XML Templae.


We will demonstrate how to convert an XSD Schema to an xml or  how to generate a XSD schema for a particular XML using the eclipse IDE. Below are the main steps to be followed for XSD/XML Conversion:

1). RIght click on the XSD/XML for which you want to trigger the generation process.

2). Select > New > Other > XML/XML Schema.

3). Select weather you want to generate a XML from an existing XSD Schema or you want to generate a XSD schema using an existing XML template.

4). Click Next and then select the various options like weather do you want optional tags to be in xml or not.

5). Select Finish

You will swee your generated XSD from XML / XML from XSD in the same folder

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